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Steak - projectional trichinoscope


Projectional trihinoscope Steak  is developed for  control of trichinellasis in slaghter meat and game meat. and other microscopic examinations as well. The Illumination is performed by hi- poert LED via special condensor , that makes it  possible to work with dense slides, and independent from other light sources.

STEAK- 2 differs from basic model by two magnification coefficients; it has a sector turret with 45X and 80X lenses.

 Trichinoscope is equipped with flat projection screen that has 160 mm diagonal. 

Steak-can be used in - house at laboratory rooms, and in mobile labs as well. Users are meat plants, marketplace labs; food control authorities, slaughter houses, etc.

Method of control is: examination of meat samples in compressorium. 


Отличается от зарубежных аналогов компактностью, возможностью питания от бортовой сети автомобиля, использованием легкодоступных автомобильных ламп.


Увеличение, крат - 50

Размер экрана по диагонали, мм - 140

Количество компрессориев в комплекте поставки, шт - 2 

Питание 220В/50Гц или =12В 

Потребляемая мощность, Вт - 100

Габаритные размеры, мм - 200x300x420

Вес прибора с блоком питания, кг - 7