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Thermally stabilized microscope table TCT-01


TCT-01 is a constant temperature sample observation table for misroscopy. It is used in biology, living cell research, other objects that do require uniform and gentle heating. The device matches to all models to monocular, binicular and stereo light microscopes. Uniformity of heating is garanteed by special design of heating plate (that occupy 80% of area)  and integrated digital sensor.


All controls , digital indicator of current actual temperature and HEAT / STABILIZATION modes are placed directly at the table's edge.  Separate control unit is not nesessary, so workspace at the researcher's table is saved.


Temperature tuning range  (from ambient)                 + 5 С to + 50 С 

Accuracy of keeping the pre- set temperature              +/- 0.5 С 

Accuracy of temperature set-up (minor indicator reading)   0.1 С 

Average warm- up time to 37 C , not over                             5 min.

Overal size                                                                         140 х 140 х 9 mm 

Consumed power                                                                         20 W 

Power supply: plug in wall adaptor  220 V AC \12 V DC